Happy Mother’s Day

May Update – Happy Mother’s Day!

In the midst of Mother’s Day celebrations in the U.S., we would like to honor the mothers and grandmothers in India who did their best to give love and care to children, who are now in the care of SOFKIN.


When Hemalatha was three years old, her mother was hospitalized with tuberculosis. Unfortunately, her mother died while in the hospital. After her father deserted the family, Hemalatha was taken in by her maternal grandmother. Her grandmother cared for her on her own as long as she could. When she was no longer able to manage, Hemalatha, now 6years old came to live at SOFKIN.

Ruthi and Shruthi’s grandmother was also a primary care giver for them. When these two sisters were very young, their father beat their mother so badly that she became brain damaged and subsequently passed away. After that, they moved in with their maternal grandmother, who took care of them as best she could. However, because their grandparents lived in a village and were unable to work, they couldn’t care for the girls long term. Luckily, Ruthi, now eight years old, and Shruthi, now 11 years old, were able to come to SOFKIN.

Nagalakshmi and Saikrishna, brother and sister, were abandoned by their mother because of their alcoholic, abusive father. Their paternal grandmother stepped in to care for them. However, her husband was paralyzed and also required a lot of care. When ultimately she couldn’t care for the children any longer, the grandmother requested that Nagalakshmi and Saikrishna come to SOFKIN. Nagalakshmi, now six years old, and Saikrishan, now nine years old, are happily cared for at SOKFIN.

These children’s stories are representative of all the children at SOFKIN. Each child had a mother – and most often a grandmother – who provided loving care. Then, for a multitude of reasons, they were unable to continue providing a safe, nurturing home – with access to schooling – that allowed their children to reach their full potential.

Each child then found their way to SOFKIN – and the housemothers who lovingly picked up the responsibility for their care and Chaya, whom they call Amma. So, we also honor the love, dedication, and commitment of our housemothers on this Mother’s Day. Finally, we, with gratitude, honor the many generous donors in the U.S. and India who have made it possible for us to create caring homes for destitute children for the past 10 years.

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