So Much to Celebrate

Festive Beginnings to the Year SOFKIN began the new year in a festive mood with the celebration of Sankranti on the 14th of January.  This three-day Hindu festival, which signifies the end of winter and… Continue reading So Much to Celebrate

Fantastic Fun as the Seasons at SOFKIN

Fantastic Fun as the S...

A lot has been going on at SOFKIN! Blog A New Twist on an Favorite Day – SPORTS DAY Two successful events in February showcased SOFKIN to the wider community. On February 11, SOFKIN partnered… Continue reading Fantastic Fun as the Seasons Fly

SOFKIN Songfest

Safety, Songs, and Cel...

Sponsorship Safety First in the Face of COVID As COVID-19 continues to devastate globally, with India being one of the countries severely affected, we are very grateful that all the SOFKIN children and staff are… Continue reading Safety, Songs, and Celebration

SOFKIN college students achievements

College, Christmas, an...

Sponsorship Learning in College and on the Job Creating opportunities that allow the children and young people of SOFKIN to thrive and reach their full potential is one of our core values. Here are five… Continue reading College, Christmas, and Catching Up

SOFKIN Sports day

Growth Change and movi...

As we begin a new year, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the major achievements of 2019 in the SOFKIN journey. Check out the to know about all the events happened in 2019.… Continue reading Growth Change and moving Forward a Look Back at Amazing 2019

Inauguration of the new SOFKIN Homes

Smiles, Love, and So M...

event-details The Inauguration of the new SOFKIN Homes Since the SOFKIN Home opened in 2007 with just three children, two boys and one girl, the need for a caring and nurturing place for destitute children… Continue reading Smiles, Love, and So Much Excitement!

New Year Celebrations at SOFKIN

Starting the Year with...

event-details Electing to Celebrate Two important celebrations marked the beginning of the new year at SOFKIN. In mid-January, the children celebrated Makar Sankranti, an ancient Hindu festival that signals the beginning of the harvest season… Continue reading Starting the Year with Celebration

Celebrating A Milestone

Blessings and Milestones

Events Details Celebrating A Milestone A joyous 10-year celebration was held in Hyderabad on October 14. The event, attended by over 200 people, celebrated 10 years of SOFKIN’s work to create caring homes for destitute… Continue reading Blessings and Milestones



Events Details REACHING HIGHER The new building is still rising! Chaya, recently back from a trip to India, reports that construction is progressing well. The 3rd floor slab in the boy’s building was cast while… Continue reading BUILDING FAMILY

Thanks to Donors

Growing The Garland of...

Thank you to everyone who has made donations to buy Christmas gifts for the children of SOFKIN. As we indicated in our last blog, we would like to surround our children – with your help… Continue reading Growing The Garland of Sharing and Caring

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