Life at SOFKIN

At SOFKIN, every day is looked upon as a new opportunity for our children to learn, grow, laugh, connect, and make a positive impact in the world.

A typical day begins with the children waking up early in the morning. After all, there is so much to accomplish today. They start by exercising and drinking jeera water to stay fit, healthy, and energized.

After offering their prayers and getting ready for school, they enjoy a nutritious breakfast to fuel their minds and bodies for the busy day ahead. They are brought to their various schools, attending classes with the other children. Studies include math, science, social studies, history, language, technology, and more.

When they return from school, the children freshen up and change out of their school clothes. They then enjoy healthy snacks and some fun and play before settling down for study hour. Older children often help the younger children with homework assignments. All the children make sure to accomplish their tasks before dinner.

Before evening prayer, everyone comes together to participate in group discussions where children talk about their day. They take turns choosing different topics for open discussion, which fosters leadership, confidence, and communication skills. Everyone gets a chance to participate.

Our children take turns helping our housemothers with cleaning and cooking, learning valuable life skills. We believe that a healthy mind and body are essential for the overall well-being of our children, which is why we encourage them to meditate every night and maintain a gratitude journal.

On weekends, our children continue to follow a productive schedule that includes spending time in the library reading books, going to dance school, learning crafts and arts, playing indoor and outdoor games, attending extra educational program to excel in their academics, and watching movies as allowed.

A highlight of the weekend is Chaya’s Saturday talks to the SOFKIN children. She receives a report on each child from the group leaders and engages the children with fun and empowering games. Near or far, they all have a connection, and that is a vital key to SOFKIN – connection and caring.

We are proud to have such wonderful children and dedicated staff who work tirelessly to make SOFKIN a nurturing and loving home for all.

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