SOFKIN Songfest

Safety, Songs, and Cel...

Sponsorship Safety First in the Face of COVID As COVID-19 continues to devastate globally, with India being one of the countries severely affected, we are very grateful that all the SOFKIN children and staff are… Continue reading Safety, Songs, and Celebration

Getting Back In To School

Learning, Leadership, ...

Sponsorship Getting Back In To School Schools in India have started to open up, allowing SOKFIN high school and college students to return to in-person classes. Although attending in-person classes is not mandatory, the government… Continue reading Learning, Leadership, and Family

online school classes

Connected and caring

Sponsorship Juggling Schedules for Back to School The children of SOFKIN have resumed online school classes. You can perhaps imagine the structure and support needed to organize the children in the SOFKIN family for online… Continue reading Connected and caring

Back to School

Always Learning, Alway...

Sponsorship Back to School – But Staying Safe The children of SOFKIN are focusing their attention on school.The new school year for elementary and secondary students began in the middle of June. Because of the… Continue reading Always Learning, Always Growing

children helped feed 100 hungry families

Adapting, Learning, Sh...

Sponsorship Continuing to Share A heart-felt thank you to the many who responded to the appeal from the children of SOFKIN in our previous blog! That appeal, as you may recall, was to encourage the… Continue reading Adapting, Learning, Sharing, and Caring

SOFKIN Children distributed the food bags

Help Our Children Help...

The children of SOFKIN need your help. They have been witnessing the suffering of their neighbours as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and feel compelled to do something to help. They ask you to… Continue reading Help Our Children Help Their Neighbours

art and craft

Happy and Busy at Home

event-details Safe, Healthy, and Busy With the coronavirus now spreading across India, SOFKIN is diligently following all of the coronavirus prevention precautions, as Chaya Pamula reported in her recent email. We are happy to report… Continue reading Happy and Busy at Home

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