Getting Back In To School

Learning, Leadership, ...

Sponsorship Getting Back In To School Schools in India have started to open up, allowing SOKFIN high school and college students to return to in-person classes. Although attending in-person classes is not mandatory, the government… Continue reading Learning, Leadership, and Family

art and craft

Happy and Busy at Home

event-details Safe, Healthy, and Busy With the coronavirus now spreading across India, SOFKIN is diligently following all of the coronavirus prevention precautions, as Chaya Pamula reported in her recent email. We are happy to report… Continue reading Happy and Busy at Home

SOFKIN Children at Sports Day

The Amazing Year That ...

event-details It’s hard to believe we’re almost through the first quarter of this year. So much is always happening at SOFKIN that it is hard to keep up! Here are some of the highlights –… Continue reading The Amazing Year That Was – and the Great Year We’re In

Children For SOFKIN School, Family, Smiles & Home

School, Family, Smiles...

The March Inauguration of the new SOFKIN homes in Hyderabad was a joyous event, as we reported in our last blog. The children were very proud that they kicked off the event with a cultural… Continue reading School, Family, Smiles & Home

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