So Much to Celebrate

Festive Beginnings to the Year SOFKIN began the new year in a festive mood with the celebration of Sankranti on the 14th of January.  This three-day Hindu festival, which signifies the end of winter and… Continue reading So Much to Celebrate

Fantastic Fun as the Seasons at SOFKIN

Fantastic Fun as the S...

A lot has been going on at SOFKIN! Blog A New Twist on an Favorite Day – SPORTS DAY Two successful events in February showcased SOFKIN to the wider community. On February 11, SOFKIN partnered… Continue reading Fantastic Fun as the Seasons Fly

Celebrations at SOFKIN

Celebrations and under...

The SOFKIN homes are always busy, and the past few months have been no different! They’ve been filled with celebrations and learning opportunities. 8-Jun-22 8-Jun-22 Festivals and Celebrations to Show Honor There have been many… Continue reading Celebrations and understanding

Inauguration of the new SOFKIN Homes

Smiles, Love, and So M...

event-details The Inauguration of the new SOFKIN Homes Since the SOFKIN Home opened in 2007 with just three children, two boys and one girl, the need for a caring and nurturing place for destitute children… Continue reading Smiles, Love, and So Much Excitement!

SOFKIN children's Learning By Leading t

Learning By Leading

The children of SOFKIN are back from their summer holiday. Most of them completed the homework that Chaya asked them to do while they were away, so they had a lot to share with each… Continue reading Learning By Leading

SOFKIN Children with Chaya Pamula

Why We Have Rhythm

“Poverty is the worst form of violence,” declared Mahatma Gandhi. And seeing children malnourished, under-educated, and neglected on the streets is heartbreaking. SOFKIN was founded on the conviction that this does not need to be… Continue reading Why We Have Rhythm

vinayaka chavithi celebrations

SOFKIN Children Score ...

SOFKIN children are doing so well in school, Chaya learned during her recent visit to India. More than half of the children scored over 80% in their first term exams. Another 6 SOFKIN students received… Continue reading SOFKIN Children Score Well at School

SOFKIN Home Celebrating the sakranthi

SOFKIN Latest Updates

“All is well,” reported Chaya Pamula, SOFKIN’s founder, who recently returned from a trip to India. “The children at SOFKIN are healthy and happy and they are making good progress at school.” Chaya’s activities during… Continue reading SOFKIN Latest Updates


Growing Bigger and Jus...

RHYTHM 2015 just keeps getting bigger and better. It’s going to be an exciting event as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary. Tickets are going fast and the auditorium is expected to be full to capacity.… Continue reading Growing Bigger and Just Getting Better

Sankranthi Celebrations at SOFKIN Homes

News Update Feb 2014

Events Details Sankranthi Festival @SOFKIN Homes SOFKIN children recently celebrated the Sankranti Festival, a Hindu festival celebrated in southern India from Jan. 13 – 15. Sankranti is a harvest festival that marks the termination of… Continue reading News Update Feb 2014

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