A SOFKIN Child Jagdish Goud's Story

As They Grow – A SOFKI...

SOFKIN turned 15 years old this year! Some of SOFKIN’s children have been with us since almost the beginning and are growing into amazing young adults. This is one of our occasional blogs where we… Continue reading As They Grow – A SOFKIN Child’s Story 2 Featuring Jagdish

A SOFKIN Child Mythri Vulpe's Story

As They Grow – A SOFKI...

SOFKIN has been helping children for over 15 years. Some of the children have been with us almost since the beginning. They have grown into caring, amazing adults. We wanted to share their stories with… Continue reading As They Grow – A SOFKIN Child’s Story


So Much to Be Thankful...

The children of SOFKIN are finally in their new home! After months of frustrating delays, both the boys and girls buildings have been completed! 22-Nov-19 The children are thrilled to be in their new, airy,… Continue reading So Much to Be Thankful For!

Welcoming the Children to the NEW SOFKIN Home

Welcoming the Children...

event-details Happy Children in their New Home! The SOFKIN children have moved into the new building! Everyone has been waiting a long time, but when they came back from summer holiday at the end of… Continue reading Welcoming the Children to the NEW SOFKIN Home!

Thankful TO SOFKIN For Encouragement and Education

Thankful For Encourage...

event-details The Gift of Education You are cordially invited to join us for the SOFKIN Luncheon on Saturday, December 8, 2018. 19-Nov-18 Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 for the SOFKIN Education Fund.… Continue reading Thankful For Encouragement and Education

Learning to Dream

Living A Dream

event-details Learning to Dream As we reported in our last blog, we are establishing an Education Fund to help our extremely talented children realize their dreams. SOFKIN sets high expectations for our children in a… Continue reading Living A Dream

Celebrations at SOFKIN's First Kid New Home

Transformed with Love ...

event-details The Gift Of Learning Education is key to everything that SOFKIN does. Through every aspect of a child’s life at SOFKIN, he or she is supported to achieve academic success, as well as learn… Continue reading Transformed with Love and Guidance

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