Thankful TO SOFKIN For Encouragement and Education

Thankful For Encouragement and Education


The Gift of Education

You are cordially invited to join us for the SOFKIN Luncheon on Saturday, December 8, 2018.


Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 for the SOFKIN Education Fund. While it is important to cover our day-to-day operational expenses – and our child sponsorships are a critical source of this support – it is becoming ever more imperative that we have the resources to provide our children with a quality post-secondary education.

Over eight children supported by SOFKIN are currently in college, and more than five secondary students become ready each year to enroll in higher education. As noted in previous blogs, our children have high career aspirations and the potential to achieve their dreams. Through SOFKIN’s nurturing love and guidance, they develop the discipline and educational foundation to pursue and excel in their chosen field of study. We are asking for your support to ensure that we can provide these educational opportunities so that dreams are realized, not thwarted.


Lessons in Life Boost a Career

Yogesh Chimaji Bhor is an example of someone who has entered his dream career, as an IT professional. Yogesh grew up in a SOFKIN-supported home at Maher – SOFKIN’s sister organization in Pune. He explained that he learned many values at Maher that have helped him succeed, such as “building relationships with people, be ready to learn new things, and always be positive.” Yogesh also noted that children at Maher and SOFKIN have many opportunities to organize events or small programs. “Because of this I increased my management skills and learned to work with teams,” he said.

Yogesh studied Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering in college and graduated with a degree in 2016. He was then fortunate to receive a 4 month internship at PamTen, an IT strategic planning and software solutions company with offices in Hyderabad and Vizag in India. PamTen’s headquarters is in Princeton, NJ. He is currently working as a PamTen Support Engineer on the Client Services Team in their Hyderabad office.

“At Maher, Sister Lucy always taught us if you want to build a better place, we have to help each other and support each other,” Yogesh noted. These are values and skills that he is directly applying in his work environment. He added, “At PamTen, every day I am learning a new thing, which is very useful for my career growth, and I feel so blessed that I am part of the PamTen family.”

Giving Dreams, Smiles, and Careers

Join us at the SOFKIN Luncheon for Education on December 8, so that Yogesh’s story can be repeated for all the other promising SOFKIN children, who have dreams. Purchase your tickets today. Sponsorships opportunities are still available.

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