Summer Is Soaring By

SOFKIN-Rhythm 2016, held on June 4, was a great success! Our heartfelt thank you to all the donors and sponsors who helped us raised over $20,000. This is the most money we have raised at this annual fundraising event so far. We are also very grateful to the additional people who signed up to be child sponsors – a much needed source of ongoing support. Finally, a big thank you to our 20+ volunteers who so ably managed every aspect of the event.


The children of SOFKIN returned from holiday on May 29 and are now settled into the new school year. The children are now in 3 different schools in the area.

Joining the SOFKIN family are 5 new children recently admitted by Chaya. They include 2 sets of sisters, ages 5, 7 and 11, and a 15 year old boy. We admitted the new children in to a new school.

The oldest child of SOFKIN graduated from Computer Science engineers. Kranthi has now started his new job at PegaSystems, starting July 6. This is an exciting new beginning to his career.

Work is progressing on the new SOFKIN building. An interesting side note is that we were able to provide an opportunity to create the building 3-D design to SOFKIN supported child of Maher, our sister organization in Pune, India. Amol Tribhuvan, a long-time resident at Maher, is a recent college graduate in computer animation science. He was excited to be able to work on the 3-D drawings for the building. We look forward to a bright future for Amol. Building plans are now awaiting final approval from the Hyderabad authorities. We anticipate starting the construction in Q4, 2016.

Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon!

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