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News Update May 19th,2014

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Building Construction

SOFKIN is kicking off a building construction fund raising effort. The current Child Welfare law in India dictates that boys and girls be separated by a wall, making new housing for the children necessary. Equally important, the rental home where the children currently live is not spacious enough for 30+ children and the house rent is becoming more expensive each year.


Some land is already acquired and additional funds will be needed to complete the purchase. The entire project is estimated to cost $150,000: $30,000 to complete the purchase of land and $120,000 for building construction and furnishings.

The building project will include a compound that has a common hall and four residences, two for boys and two for girls. All the daily activities of the children, such as daily prayers, eating and sleeping, will take place in the residences. The common hall will be used for joint activities, such as daily group discussions, common prayers and celebrations. In addition to complying with the law, it will be wonderful for the children to have a new, clean and spacious space in which to live, work and play.

The new SOFKIN building will have a capacity for 100 children, 50 girls and 50 boys, supported by 6 caretakers and 2 social workers. Building construction will take about 1 and ½ years to complete. We welcome sponsors for this important project. Donor names for donations over $1000 will be displayed at the building site. (Please write ‘For Building Construction’ as the memo on your check.)

More information about the building project will be provided at Rhythm 2014, SOFKIN’s 9th annual fundraiser on June 7th.

Composed by: Barbara Whitmore

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