Learning to Dream

Living A Dream


Learning to Dream

As we reported in our last blog, we are establishing an Education Fund to help our extremely talented children realize their dreams. SOFKIN sets high expectations for our children in a supportive, nurturing environment. They, in turn, have set high aspirations to become Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Army & Navy professionals, Nurses, IAS officers, Chefs, Nutritionists, Scientists, Architects, Social Workers, and so much more. With your help, these dreams can be realized.


Just write EDUCATE FUND in the note section of your donation – and thank you!


Discovering the Power of Home

One young person at SOFKIN who is currently realizing her dream is Meena.Meena was in the 4th grade when her mother passed away. Because her father “was not used to take care of us”, her grandmother and aunty tried to take care of her and her younger sister and brother. However, Meena stayed for a time at a government hostel, where she says she “struggled at lot.” When her aunty came to know about SOFKIN, Meena and her siblings were admitted.

According to Meena, SOFKIN never felt like a NGO. “I felt it as home for me – not only me, each child in SOFKIN feels that it is their own home. We live like a family where I found family bond, love, care, respect, helping nature and happiness.” Meena was especially grateful for “mother’s love, what I missed in my past.”

An early experience at SOFKIN of getting sick with a fever left a lasting impression on Meena. “Everyone came to me and asked about my health, they feed food and gave medicine. One of the house Tai (housemother) slept beside me,” she said.

Sharing the Care

Because Meena had a desire to help people, Chaya suggested that she consider a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program when she graduated from high school. In her first year of the BSW program, Meena visited 21 different NGOs in Hyderabad and neighbouring slums, and got a good understanding about what social work involved.

Now in her second year of the program, Meena is doing fieldwork at Divya Disha, a NGO that works with Childline, a 24 hour helpline designed to identify and help children who are missing, as well as children who run away from home. As we reported in a June 2018 blog, Meena facilitated the admission to SOFKIN of two young children who were found at the railway station. While working at Divya Disha again a few months later, Meena found two other children who were roaming in the railway station and facilitated their admission to a government-run home.

A Helping Heart

In a recent case, Meena “came across an old couple begging on the road side. They looked like they were from a good family. I asked them why they were begging, why can’t they work? They told me that they lost their way back home. Since three days they are on the road. Then I asked about their address and took them to their home. I felt very happy because I not only took them to their home, but also united them with their children.”

Looking to the future, Meena has discovered that her passion is to become a social worker, where she can “make others happy, also I can help others.” Because SOFKIN is her first priority, “if SOFKIN needs my help, it will be my pleasure to work as a social worker there.”

We would love for you to join others who are helping SOFKIN children realize their dreams by contributing to the Education Fund. Your donation – whether it’s $5, $50 or $500 – will help us change lives, one child at a time. We are so grateful for your support!

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