So Much to Be Thankful For!

The children of SOFKIN are finally in their new home! After months of frustrating delays, both the boys and girls buildings have been completed!


The children are thrilled to be in their new, airy, and spacious facility. There is much more living and recreation space than in the cramped quarters of their previous home. It is also highly ventilated, allowing fresh air to move freely throughout the buildings. Plus – 7 bathrooms on each floor, instead of 2! This, among other things, minimizes bottlenecks in the morning, allowing the children to get ready for school quickly.

Because of the generosity of our donors, the new buildings have a greatly improved infrastructure. A Reverse Osmosis water filtering system has been installed, which produces clean drinking water as the water in the area is not suitable for drinking. An improved security system has also been installed, which includes 24 mounted cameras and a booth for the security guard.

The new commercial kitchen is also supporting better health for the children. The housemothers and cooks can now much more easily prepare nutritious meals, and the commercial refrigerators allow for better food storage. A new vegetable garden – which the children are excited to work in – will also contribute to healthful meals. The garden is being established in a plot adjacent to the SOFKIN property. This garden space is being offered on a temporary basis by the owner of that land who has been inspired by SOFKIN and wants to help support its mission.

The new facility has capacity for well over 100 children, creating the opportunity to serve many more young people in need. Our near-term goal is to enroll 10 additional children by the start of the new academic year in June, 2020.



On November 9th, SOFKIN’s RHYTHM 2019 was filled with the sounds and excitement of the music and dance of India, as donors and supporters gathered for our annual fundraising event. Several local dance groups performed beautiful classical and semi-classical dances. A wonderful video about the current lives of SOFKIN was also shown.You can find it here. This video was created by Jagdish, one of the first children to come to SOFKIN as a young boy of 7. Now 19, it’s been his dream to be part of the video and movie production field. He’s currently in school studying film – one of many SOFKIN success stories.

A highlight of RHYTHM 2019 was the presentation to donors of plaques showing the new SOFKIN homes. We are so grateful for their continued generosity and support, as well as that of donors who were unable to attend this year’s event. Event sponsors also received plaques for their encouragement and help in bringing RHYTHM 2019 to life.

A key focus of RHYTHM 2019 was on Child Sponsors, our dedicated network of individuals who contribute $60/month to support a SOFKIN child. With our new homes, we have the opportunity to provide many more children, who are aspiring for a bright future, with a loving, safe and nurturing environment. Sponsors know they are making an immense impact on a child’s life, one that will literally change the course of their lives. We invite you to join this critical group of supporters. Visit Sponsorship page to get all the details about the Child Sponsor program.

For those of you who are able, we would also ask you to consider a year-end donation to SOFKIN. In additional to monthly operational expenses – much of which, but not all, are supported by Child Sponsors – we have unmet needs for additional furnishings and equipment for the new buildings. Your support will help us transform the new buildings into the warm, nurturing SOFKIN home we have envisioned.

As we take a moment to stand back and celebrate our collective achievement of creating a wonderful new home for the children of SOFKIN, we remember – with deep gratitude – all the people who have helped and supported us along the way. We look forward to your continued encouragement and support as we begin our next chapter.

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